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The Looker Play Kit
Weeks 0 - 12

Ships every 2 months | $80 per Play Kit

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For Parents

About this Play Kit

Your baby is starting to put it all together and understand concepts at a deeper level. This Play Kit encourages your baby to define and organize information while engaging their budding imagination.

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    Develop pincer grasp and hand strength

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    Explore pretend play with a customizable doll

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    Build hand-eye coordination

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    Practice solving problems

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    Explore opposites

Book Bundle Add-On

The Right Stories for Right Now

Get even more exclusive, stage-based books with every Play Kit when you add the Book Bundle.

  • Stories that support the experiences your child is going through at every stage

  • Features real families and stories to help build empathy and confidence as your child grows

  • Relatable topics and imagery engage your child, making them books they want to read again and again

Ships with each Kit | Additional $18 per Kit

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The Thinker Play Kit Book Bundle
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