Welcome to the Play Kits for 3-year-olds

Welcome to the “year of the self.”

At age 3, your child is beginning to understand that they’re a distinct individual. They may start to use the pronoun “I” and express strong preferences about everything from food to clothing. They’re likely more aware now of both their own emotions and the feelings of others. You may see them role-play different feelings during pretend play as they practice ways to cope with big emotions.

Letters and numbers are starting to make more sense to your child, too. Through play, you can help them explore letter sounds, counting, and sequencing, all concepts that will eventually help them read, write, and do math.

The 3-year-old Play Kits are designed to help you guide your child through all these new discoveries. These open-ended playthings, puzzles, games, and real-life tools all support your child’s development during the “year of the self.”

The Observer Play Kit

Months 37, 38, 39

Help your new 3-year-old take ownership of their everyday, build emotional intelligence, and practice early STEM skills through open-ended play.

  • Gain confidence through decision making and planning ahead
  • Practice spatial concepts with interchangeable building components  
  • Identify and process emotions
  • Encourage independence and self care

The Storyteller Play Kit

Months 40, 41, 42

Help your child build a positive association with reading and math through puzzles, problem solving, and imaginative play.

  • Discover letters and their sounds
  • Build early engineering understanding by creating a space all their own
  • Explore changing emotions through imaginative play 
  • Practice being a helper with a practical life tool

The Problem Solver Play Kit

Months 43, 44, 45

Support your curious three-year-old’s interest in STEM fundamentals like color blending, measuring, and 3D puzzles.

  • Learn to count and understand numbers visually
  • Play scientist with a real working color lab
  • Practice working as a team with a fun cooperative game
  • Measure everyday objects with a tool made just for them

The Analyst Play Kit

Months 46, 47, 48

Challenge your (almost) four-year-old to use precise fine motor skills, solve new sensory and STEM puzzles, and cook with fractions—all with fun, hands-on play.

  • Make simple snacks using real cooking tools that introduce fractions
  • Translate 2D pictures into 3D objects 
  • Discover color theory with an award-winning puzzle 
  • Build hand strength and fine motor skills with an early sewing activity 


How much are the 3-year-old kits?

The Play Kits for 3-year-olds are priced the same as The Play Kits for toddlers and older children: $120 per Play Kit.

How often do they ship?

The Play Kits for 3-year-olds will ship in the same cadence as The Play Kits for toddlers and older children: every 3 months.

Are there Book Bundles for the 3-year-old Play Kits?

Yes, each of the 3-year-old Play Kits has a Book Bundle option that can be added. The books in each Book Bundle are designed to meet your child’s current developmental needs and include relatable topics about real-life experiences.

If I’m on my last 2-year-old Play Kit, will I roll right into the 3-year-old Play Kits?

Yes! As a current subscriber, you’re all set. Your subscription will continue without any disruption to your Play Kits schedule. You can prepay for the full year to save up to 10% for 3-year-olds Play Kits.

We had a Play Kits subscription, how do we start it back up?

Reactivating your subscription is easy! First, log in to your Lovevery account and click on “Account Settings.” Then under “Manage Subscriptions,” you will have the option to “Reactivate” your subscription. By clicking “Reactivate,” you will see a confirmation page where you can opt to reactivate on a pay-per-kit basis or prepay for the full year to save up to 10%. If you need assistance logging into your account or reactivating a subscription, please contact us.


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